Leiden Reinforcement Learning Group

The members of the Reinforcement Learning Group do research into Reinforcement Learning and intelligent combinatorial algorithms at Leiden University. We teach courses in Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Deep Learning, Game Design, and Advanced Data Mining.

The reinforcement learning group is an open group, with members from bachelor and master students working on their thesis to faculty members. Our interests range from reinforcement learning, games, multi-objective optimization, neural networks, and robotics.

We collaborate frequently on gaming, robotics, combinatorics, negotiation, deep learning, quantum machine learning, model checking, computational creativity, and narrative perspectives.

Group meetings are weekly on Mondays from 15:00-16:00, in Snellius 158 (currently online). You are welcome to join, for example if you are looking for a master thesis topic, or are dying to discuss the latest paper.

Our mailing list is rlg@lists.liacs.nl. Let us know if you want to be put on the list.