The Leiden Search Group performs research into intelligent combinatorial search algorithms and reinforcement learning.

Reinforcement learning and search are essential elements of many intelligent systems.

We are involved in the following projects:

We are grateful to the following grants for allowing us to do research:

  • ERC Advanced Grant HEPGAME
  • NWO Gravitation Grant Quantum Software Consortium
  • NWO Creative Industries & Brill Publishers
  • NWO Infrastructure Grants
  • Brill Publishers
  • ICTU
  • European Space Agency
  • Netherlands Aerospace Lab

We have organized the following conferences:

  • MISDOOM2020
  • BNAIC2020
  • PPSN2020
  • MISDOOM2019
  • ACG2017
  • CG2016
  • ACG2015
  • CG2013
  • ACG2011
  • CG2010